What Microsoft should do with Skype and Windows Phone

Brushing the Surface

One of the key products that defines an ecosystem is the messaging system that it uses. Blackberry messaging (BBM) allowed RIM to dominate in the business and teens market for a long time through its powerful, free integrated messaging system. Furthermore the release of iMessage to the iPhone, iPad and other Apple products with the release of iOS 5 in 2011 and Mountain Lion in 2012 cemented these services as an important part of a smartphone ecosystem. With the recent release of Google Hangouts for Android, iOS and Chrome, I did begin to wonder if Microsoft had any plans for a similar service to those seen on the other three systems.  

In some ways, Windows phone already has a messaging system built into it in the form of Facebook (FB) messaging. The messaging app is designed to integrate with FB messaging such that you can set yourself as online permitting…

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