Soon, smartphones to warn you of impending heart attack

A new smartphone being developed is set to revolutionize the way we manage healthcare by warning people of impending heart attack. 

Nano-thin silicon heart-and blood-monitoring “tattoos” on people’s arms, which will send a signal to a smartphone if the data indicates a health problem are the basis of the new technology, reported.

Zak Holdsworth, a Silicon Valley digital entrepreneur, and Kiwi is helping bring such technology to market.

He reckons that heart patients will be sporting the “tattoos” on their arms within five years, and in 10 years of time people could be sporting the technology inside their hearts.

MC is the Boston-based technology company behind the tattoos and is now investigating the potential of microchips that are being inserted via catheter on to the heart’s inner lining from where a signal will be sent to the patient’s phone.


One thought on “Soon, smartphones to warn you of impending heart attack

  1. lolzzz 🙂 … i hope in near future the technology will arrive which will warn us about the hazards of falling in love as our smartphone will be directly connected to our nerves of our heart… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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