How mobile applications can improve one’s work productivity, relationships with friends and family, and overall quality of life.

Mobiles isn’t it the most talked about thing everywhere is the town. The first question nay one would ask is what are the features do you have in your mobile. One would be pleased as well as excited if you have the top most and the trendiest of features on your mobile phone.

These mobile phones carry the whole world within them, be it Social media, games, chats, maps etc. Mobiles phones do have a lasting impact in a human’s life in this age. Most of them would feel handicapped if they are asked to survive without their mobile phones.

The most talked about application in the recent times is the Whats App feature which is absolutely free to the users who have an android phone. The Whats App feature has become a must for every cell phone user. It is a kind of free chat where the user can send instant messages irrespective of his location. It connects individuals very easily and moreover it is very handy to use. This can be used in scenario when family members want to be in constant touch with each other without randomly calling each other up at any given time. Thus Whats App which is the best social connector it does reduce the dependency of making calls to each other

Another application which i prefer the most is the maps and navigation. If you are in the midst of nowhere this applications traces you out. You can just type is a location and it can give you directions, the traffic in a particular location as well as the ETA. In this way if you are heading towards your work place one can estimate how early or late he or she can be. This turn does affect productivity lot.

The places application also is one of the most preferred application. It is handy and ease of use helps one to easily access any restaurants, malls, theaters located nearby. This again helps friends and families if they are planning for a get together of any sorts.

Thus to conclude mobile applications are making a major impact on everyone’s lives be it professionally or personally. The application moreover are easy to use and do not put any restrictions on the user be it of an age group


3 thoughts on “How mobile applications can improve one’s work productivity, relationships with friends and family, and overall quality of life.

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