Interview Questions for Front End Developers and Web Designers who are on beginner to mid-level


What is Doctype & why its important?
What are meta tags?
What does meta viewport tag do?
Difference between div and span?
What is html5?
Name a few new tags in html5 and their advantages?
What are the new media-related elements in HTML5?
How can I create a div work like an input?


Difference between position absolute and fixed?
What is the difference between inline, inline-block, and block?
Difference between ID and Class?
What are sprites and why they are recommended?
what are media queries?
What is responsiveness?
How to select last li of ul via CSS?
Difference between; .class.class2 & .class .class & .class > class ?
What are CSS pre-processors?
What is style reset sheet?
What is float?

Browser Compatibility

What tools do you use for cross-browser testing?
Lets assume you have found a rendering issue in IE8 what will be your work around to solve that issue?
How will you achieve same drop down menu UI in different browsers?
How will you fix border-radius compatibility issue in IE8?

JQuery / JavaScript

What is jQuery?
What is difference between onload and ready?
How to select class in jQuery?
Which selector has better performance id or class and why?
How to add a class to HTML element?
What is jQuery toggle function?
Explain difference .empty() between .remove() ?
How can I select 20th div with jQuery?
What is difference between .setinterval() & .delay() ?


What are basic necessities for a theme? How will you create a Hello World! WordPress theme?
Do you have developed plug-in?
How will you create a template page in WordPress?
How can you create an empty plugin which have basic options like activate, deactivate etc.?

Deployment Skills

What do you use xampp or wampp & why?
What is cPanel?
What will be your workaround deploying a local site to live url?

General Questions

Name some online resources that you reference when having CSS/HTML/JS issues.
Favorite tools and IDEs?
Why stack overflow so useful? and whats your rating?


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